Tedsmore Hall Estate Farm Tedsmore Hall Estate Farm

Welcome to the Tedsmore Estate

near Oswestry in Shropshire.


Built in 1768 by the Bulkley-Owen family, Tedsmore Hall is the heart of the estate and is the private residence of Robert and Gina Parker. The estate encompasses parkland and woodland and includes the Tedsmore Estate Farm and Tedsmore Racing Stables.

The estate parkland is home to a herd of red deer, bred from a line of the famous Woburn Park deer. The deer are not handled at all, ensuring they have a stress-free life. Tedsmore venison is sold to reputable local restaurants, including The Walls in Oswestry, and is also available on occasion from the estate office. Please call for details.

Tedsmore Hall Estate FarmTedsmore Hall Estate Farm

The Tedsmore Estate Farm includes the Pedigree Hereford herd and outdoor reared sheep flock. The livestock are raised on the parkland surrounding Tedsmore Hall in an extensive traditional farming system.

Tedsmore’s Racing Stables are currently occupied by trainer James Unett. With a state of the art equine pool and all weather gallop, the stables are producing some good results, including the Parkers’ own horse, Tedsmore Dame.

With nearly 100 acres of woodland, Tedsmore estate always has a regular
supply of hard and soft woods. We sell logs in loads of varying sizes and
can deliver to the local area.

Please call us on 01691 611 010 for more information.

Tedsmore Hall Estate Farm

Robert and Gina Parker, the owners of Tedsmore Hall and estate, also have a portfolio of properties including award winning hotels and self catering cottages in Northumberland and Shropshire.

Tedsmore Hall Estate Farm


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Tedsmore Hall Estate Farm


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